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Future Vision.

Let's dive into your analytics and project what you could accomplish.

To the TOP.

Connecting your strategy to the right influencer targeted for music growth.

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Enable the full power of constant and engaging following base.


We're more than a digital agency

We have been working in the Music Business for years and the expertise acquired led us to propose effective digital marketing strategies using all modern tools for maximum impact.

Who we are

VittiMedia is a Music Business Digital Marketing company focusing on Artists and startups.

Our philosophy

Self branding is everything and creating or developing impactful awareness is our mission.

How we work

Everything starts with an audit. We analyze, talk to you and map out your plan. As simple as that.

Music artists:

The new entrepreneurs

In a world where social media became the way our lives evolve, it is important to be able to spread awareness on them. The Music Business is not an exception and can profit from social media just like any other field. The strength of Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms change drastically the game in terms of Marketing Strategies and this is why we operate on them.

Tony Vitti, CEO @ VittiMedia

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